League Registration

Under the league registration tab you can register for the sport of your choice.

Please be advised that some leagues are considered recreational and some are competitive.

The difference is simply this...

Recreational leagues are for fun and will typically play against other kids from the Natchitoches area and will not travel to other cities for competition. All kids will play and are guaranteed playing time.

Competitive leagues are for the more serious athletes and may compete against teams/athletes from other towns. Travel may be involved outside of Natchitoches and the games are taken more seriously than recreational games.

To view the available leagues simply click the league that you want to register for. If you click on the black arrow it will create a drop down box. If you click on the league name itself it will show all activites under that sport at once.

To view free activities click on "Free Activities" above and then click on "Free Activities" on the left hand side. Registration is not required to attend these events.